Trials & Investigations

At the Law Office of David A. Breston, we begin preparing for trial as soon as the client hires us. While we can sometimes take action to avoid the filing of charges during the investigation of sex crime allegations, we have found that successful defense of sexual assault and child molestation charges depends on proper preparation for the trial. At the trial we use our theory of defense to proactively establish the innocence of our client.

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The Trial
Jury Selection
Preparing the Falsely Accused to Testify
Cross Examination of Child Witnesses
Cross Examination of the CPS Interviewer
Medical Experts
Psychological Evidence
Credibility Evidence
The Theme of the Case

Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

As the saying goes, the State must prove its case “beyond a reasonable doubt.” This is a high standard in any criminal trial. In sexual offense trials it often comes down to the accuser’s word versus the defendant’s word. Our goal at the trial phase of a case is to make the prosecution’s job impossible, or at least as difficult as possible.

Sex crime trials are highly stressful to all involved, and especially so for the defendant. Throughout the entire process – from investigation of the allegations to the preparation phase and on to trial – our attorneys stand by our clients. In some cases, a client may wish to consent to treatment and therapy. In many cases we have successfully negotiated satisfactory arrangements for our clients.

At our firm, we believe that many people accused of sexual assault and child sex crimes are innocent of the charges, and deserve an assertive and vigorous defense during trial. Whatever your situation, we will stand up for your rights and freedom.

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