Registered Sex Offenders

If you are accused of a sex crime or if you are arrested for a child sex offense, you need to be aware of the potential consequences you face. If you are convicted of a sex crime such as rape, sexual assault, possession of child pornography, or online solicitation of a minor, you could suffer a long prison sentence and when you get out, the stigma and limitations of being a registered sex offender – for life.

To talk with an experienced defense lawyer about how a registered sex offender status could affect your freedom, call the Law Office of David Breston at (713) 224-4040 today or contact us online. We also help people who are registered sex offenders in other states learn more about registering if they moved to Texas. If you have been charged with a sex crime in Houston, call the Law offices of David A. Breston today.

Defense for Registered Sex Offenders

A conviction for a sex offense requires some sort of registration as a sex offender: lifetime registration, 10-year registration, or juvenile registration. Lifetime registered sex offenders can expect to inform law enforcement about any movements for the rest of their lives, and 10-year sex offenders can expect the same restrictions to freedom for 10 years starting after their probation or prison sentence ends. Juvenile sex offenders often have to register until they are twenty eight years old.

Regardless of the length of sex offender registration you face, the Law Office of David Breston can help ensure that your rights are protected. Defense lawyer David Breston will set up an evaluation by a licensed sex offender treatment provider to determine your level of threat to the community. To protect innocent clients from conviction, we may show how this evaluation shows that they are no threat to others.

In some cases, you may be able to defer or avoid registration altogether if you complete treatment or another program. Contact sex offender defense attorney David Breston today for a free consultation.

How to Register as a Sex Offender in Houston, Texas

The sex offender must call the Houston sex offender registration office phone number (832) 394-1913 and give them their information. Information needed may include the sex offender’s name and address, a colored photograph, and the specific offense that the sex offender was convicted for. 

When changes occur, such as a new address, registered sex offenders must promptly report these changes. Periodically, registered sex offenders must also report to local law enforcement with the same sex offender registration phone number, to verify their information is still accurate. 

Defense for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender in Texas

Moving to a new state means that registered sex offenders may have to register with the new state’s law enforcement, based on that state’s law concerning registration. Our firm helps people who moved to Texas from out of state to determine whether they need to register under the Texas sex offender registration program, and we can help people who have been charged with failure to register as a sex offender.

For additional information about defense against failure to file charges, or for more information about the sex offender registration program, call the Law Office of David Breston at (713) 224-4040 or contact us online for a free confidential consultation.